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Why Sell Your Property With
United Real Estate?

Simple. No one can locate buyers better, bringing
to bear more than 85 years of marketing experience, to get you the best price in the shortest time possible.

To sell property today, you need more than a “For Sale”
sign and a local newspaper ad. With so many properties
on the market your property needs to stand out from the crowd. That’s why you need the benefit of United’s professionalism
nd exclusive, proven marketing tools. We expose your property locally, regionally, nationally (and even internationally) from
day one. Your United agent offers everything any other
broker can—and much more.

Differentiated Marketing

Finding Buyers

The main goal of anyone that you hire to sell your property, or for yourself for that matter, should
be finding the most buyers and getting the best price the market will bear. To insure that you are getting the best price, finding an adequate amount of buyers during a given timeframe is important. Marketing is how you find those buyers. United Real Estate offers our clients strategic partnerships and marketing avenues that are not only unmatched within this industry but are simply not
available anywhere else.

Digital Marketing

Digital advertising is becoming more and more a proven method of finding buyers when
coupled with an overall marketing campaign. Advertising on the internet through many different websites increases the exposure your property receives and therefore increases your odds of
finding the highest paying buyers. From banner ads to web listings, we make this a very important part of marketing campaigns. Not only do we place your property on many independent sites but
the property will also be on our network of over 1,100 websites within our organization. The traffic
on our sites is over 2.6 million visitors per month with the average user staying on our sites
for over 24 minutes. They are only there for one thing……they are trying to find real estate.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is only as good as the people you are sending it to. We have found that
targeting people that are currently “in the market” for a property delivers a higher rate of return.
We utilize our national database to extract those buyers that have been searching for similar properties. Our email marketing program usually reaches thousands of potential buyers that
are actively seeking real estate and currently in the market for properties such as yours.

Print Marketing

Print media such as newspapers, magazines, trade journals and etc. are still a great way to
find buyers whether they are local or national. Although print media has lost the effectiveness it
had 5 or 10 years ago, it is still a very strong component of our marketing campaigns. We have contracts with the Wall Street Journal and countless other publications that save our clients money and make their advertising dollar stretch further, not to mention that United Real Estate Corporate advertises listings in over 90 magazines and hundreds of newspapers. This gives us buying
power that is passed onto your marketing campaign.

Database Access

When it comes to email marketing and direct mail campaigns, most companies start out by purchasing lists in which they will market properties. United Real Estate starts out accessing
a database of over 300,000 highly profiled buyers that have responded to real estate advertising
all over the country. This is not a bad place to start but when you also add in our ability to access
other databases such as some of strategic partners you can begin to see just how far we stay
ahead of the competition. How would you like to advertise your property to a list of 1031 exchange buyers that have to place their money somewhere in the next 45 days? This is just a small
sampling of the power of our program compared to anyone else you will find.


Attention grabbing signage, depending upon your target market, accomplishes three things.
It creates a “buzz” in the local market, guides potential buyers to your property and puts the market
on notice. A sign says a lot about the company itself. We provide custom printed full color signs designed for every property we offer. For some people, it is their first impression of the property
and the event, so it is very important that it be professionally designed and give your property
the proper first impression.

Public Relations

While not all properties will garner media coverage, those that do, we utilize the PR department
at United’s home office. We draft an informative press release and develop a strategic PR campaign designed to capitalize on the press coverage your event could bring. With a department dedicated
to this, we increase your chances of being "news” in many publications germane to the property
and area.

Strategic Partnerships

United Real Estate is constantly building new relationships and partnerships with leading
companies and organizations to bring value to our client. We have alliances with companies
like US Bank (United Home Mortgage), Colliers International (world’s 2nd largest commercial
real estate firm), Starker Services (1031 Exchange) and many others. These alliances bring
added value to our client through exposure, programs and in some cases database access.
Having access to people who might have money that has to be invested, large donors or the
leaders in commercial property is just a few of the benefits these alliances bring to our clients.

Exclusive In-House Marketing Services Company

When you list with United you immediately have a team of 15 marketers ready to serve you
when a personalized approach is required to drive traffic to your property. With nationally recognized strategic marketers, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, public relations specialists
and dedicated project managers working for your United agent, United Marketing Services drives targeted traffic to your property.

Power of Over 700 Offices Globally

As evident with all of the options we offer our clients, United Real Estate really does provide
marketing campaigns that are not available anywhere else. To explore your options, contact us
today and tell us about your property. We will give you a no cost or obligation look inside our
program so that you can determine if it is right for you.


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