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Are You Ready To Buy?

Don't have an inside track? It's time to consult with a United
Real Estate professional . . .

Are you about to take one of the most important steps of
a lifetime, the selection and purchase of some kind of real estate? If you have decided to make this move, finding what
you want might appear impossible. But this decision doesnít have to be overwhelming, so if you donít have an inside track about whatís for sale and where, it is time to consult a United Real Estate professional. Use our website to select the area and type of properties you are interested in. This will also guide you in finding a licensed real estate professional that can
assist you in finding a property quickly and efficiently.

Once you have selected a United Real Estate professional, discuss with him/her the type of property that meets your needs.

To do this, you may want to ask yourself some questions:

1. Is my family still growing?

2. What are their needs?

3. Are schools a factor?

4. Do I want minimum grounds upkeep? Maybe just a garden?

5. Do I need room for pets?

6. Do I need to be within commuting distance of a certain town for job?

7. Am I a fixer-upper, or a total zilch with a hammer? 8. Will I be using it as a second home?

9. Will I keep the property to use for retirement or as investment?

10. What is most important about the lifestyle
I want to accomplish?

11. Next, provide information to your United agent about what you can afford. This way, he/she has
the tools to assist you, including how much a bank may lend you, and on what basis it is calculated. Once a price range is established, your United agent will have the information to help you find the
right property.

12. As you inspect properties, your United agent will get a sense of what you like or dislike. Sometimes it takes a few trips to various properties for you to establish the parameters. In a
sense, you are establishing a relationship with your United agent that will help both of you
in this exciting time.

13. Once you are ready to make an offer, your United agent will act as an intermediary between
you and the seller. He/she will help negotiate price, down payment, contingencies, closing dates
and anything else needed to bring the sale to a satisfactory conclusion. Select a United agent
that will be your guide, diplomat, and trusted advisor.


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